Hello, I am Lou and Aquila Gardens is my business and our family garden. My gardening experiences stem from not only studying horticulture but also from generations of gardeners and farmers, working in the local landscape collecting native seeds, growing food for our table, collecting seed for the local seed saver group, teaching and talking (non-stop) gardening and designing gardens. If I am not working in the garden I am usually thinking about it, teaching it and practicing it in other forms. Permaculture is another important philosophical and practised aspect of how we approach gardening.

Connecting to our landscape and local environment is incredibly important to our family. The guide and this blog aim to encourage you to stop, look, listen and wonder at what is in our backyards. Good planning goes a long way to achieving gardening success – whatever type of gardening you do. The more I garden the greater emphasis I have put on the planning. The seasonal guide “A Year in Aquila Garden” is a culmination of keeping records of the planning we do and the refining of timing of various activities.

After 10 years of developing and growing our garden at Table Top, the seasonal rhythm of growing, harvesting and preparing have settled and shaped our families activities and lives. We certainly rely on the accumulated data collection and notes to help us work efficiently in our garden.

Gardening is something most gardeners love to share stories and tips and experiences about. Aquila Gardens plans to be part of this wonderful network.